Resilio Sync 2.4

Three years after the launch of BitTorrent Sync, we are pleased to announce Resilio Sync 2.4. The new version improves on the only sync software that skips the slow and unreliable cloud to find the shortest path between computers and move huge amounts of data, no matter how big the file size or how slow the network.

Sync works better than its competitors. It’s peer-to-peer and cloud-free, so it works whether the internet is up or down, it has no single point of failure, and it is much faster than any cloud-based solution. It’s also secure: only encrypted data moves, and your files stay on your devices.

The new version is considerably faster than earlier versions and the competition. Like all previous versions, Sync. 2.4 is free to download.  The new version also adds a pro feature that allows users to schedule limits on upload and download speeds and to limit usage during work or peak internet use hours.

The migration process is a seamless part of Sync 2.4 installation for desktop, and a few simple steps for mobile. Earlier versions with BitTorrent Sync branding will remain available, but only Resilio Sync will be updated in the future. For more information see the upgrade FAQ

Also available now is a 30-day free trial of Sync for Workgroups. Sync for Workgroups is Resilio’s fastest and best way to move big files, and it enables users to automatically add folders to all their devices, use selective sync and dynamically change permissions on folders. There’s never been a faster or more secure way to move big data, across even the most unreliable networks.

Security and privacy are two of the leading issues for users when transferring important data. Keeping data on-premises makes business and IT leaders feel more secure, but comes with technical challenges when there’s a need to share data externally. Resilio Sync offers the ability to sync data securely and privately by replicating data directly between trusted devices and keeping data encrypted in transit.

We take security and user privacy very seriously at Resilio. By design we don’t capture or store any user data on our infrastructure. Further, we have no way to gain access to user data or personal information. We believe the only way to truly keep user data secure, is to not have any user data. We never see it, we never store it, and we can’t access it — and neither can any 3rd parties. Any anonymized statistics we collect when you use Sync are sent in the clear, so you know exactly what data we’re gathering.

Here are some of the key security and privacy properties of Sync:

* Sync only transfers data by establishing a direct connection between peers you select. This allows data to exist at rest exclusively on private infrastructure.
* Sync keeps ALL your data private. Other solutions may keep your files private, but store login, usage, and access information on public servers.
* Sync uses cryptographic security instead of a password-based system, and all your data is AES-128 encrypted in transit.
* Sync uses X.509 digital certificates for mutual authentication and validation of file modification requests.
* Insecure, but easy-to-use tools (like email) can be used to securely sync folders with Sync.
* Each device has full control over how it communicates with other peers and services can be limited to increase privacy.
* Resilio collects usage statistics from Sync to help us improve the product. This information is sent in the clear so you know what we are gathering.

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Resilio Connect is for the IT administrator who is looking to get data reliably to or from any number of endpoints over any kind of network (even one that goes away sometimes).

Today we are pleased to announce the latest version of Resilio Connect (1.3.5). This latest version delivers our fastest speeds yet, adds selective sync capabilities, and greatly simplifies the system configuration.

Selective sync gives IT administrators complete control over what data is automatically distributed while ensuring maximum availability for all data at every endpoint. This unlocks powerful use cases around on-demand delivery of very large files like the ones coming from HD CCTV systems.

The transfer speed was greatly improved with the ability to overcome latent and lossy WAN connections with optimized performance when delivering big data over any network. In addition to the WAN optimization improvements, we also improved our LAN performance.  Overall we are able to move data at an effective speed of multiple Gb/s.


Resilio Connect is built on our unique distributed technology to distribute the load from the central server to the endpoints resulting in dramatically higher effective transfer speeds and more resilient and fault-tolerant solutions than available with standard client-server systems. It also reduces the data center load, allowing your organization to scale into the future.

If you have a problem getting large files to or from many endpoints, give Resilio Connect a try and unlock the idle power in your network today.

Throughout the development of Sync, we’ve been talking about an exciting new product referred to as ‘Sync IT’ for some time.  Today we’re pleased to announce the new product is now available as Resilio Connect.

Even with the new name, the goal is the same:  To power your enterprise applications with the same resilient and scalable technology that underpins Sync, but with the centralized management, visibility and control you require.

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The Future of Sync

When we launched Sync in 2013, we wanted to make a statement.  To offer a glimpse of a future unlike anything else in the market.  A future where the cloud was NOT the final resting place for all your data, locked away, beyond your control.

Introducing Resilio

In today’s modern enterprise, the files that power business are getting larger, the frequency of updates and patches are higher than ever before, and the number of endpoints and “things” on the network continue to grow exponentially.  All of this is driven by an ever increasing appetite and need to share larger, more complex information…

Why I Started Resilio

As the long time CEO of BitTorrent, I was honored to be a small part of our mission to empower users and make the Internet better through distributed technology.  And as you look across the products we built in recent years, these lofty aspirations are reflected throughout. But aspirations and technology alone are insufficient when…

We’ve recently released a preview build of Sync IT, our upcoming product designed specifically for moving data in enterprise environments. We wanted to share a deeper dive into the technical improvements we’ve made at the protocol level for Sync IT. Sync IT will introduce a new protocol that is dedicated to optimizing transfer speeds over…

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We’ve received many requests from the Sync community to be able to install Sync on a Linux family OS in the “Linux way” — using packages and a standard tool (yum or apt-get) to get the package downloaded and installed. We’re thankful for the packages and installation scripts made by our community members (thanks to…