A New Version of Resilio Connect

Resilio Connect is for the IT administrator who is looking to get data reliably to or from any number of endpoints over any kind of network (even one that goes away sometimes).

Today we are pleased to announce the latest version of Resilio Connect (1.3.5). This latest version delivers our fastest speeds yet, adds selective sync capabilities, and greatly simplifies the system configuration.

Selective sync gives IT administrators complete control over what data is automatically distributed while ensuring maximum availability for all data at every endpoint. This unlocks powerful use cases around on-demand delivery of very large files like the ones coming from HD CCTV systems.

The transfer speed was greatly improved with the ability to overcome latent and lossy WAN connections with optimized performance when delivering big data over any network. In addition to the WAN optimization improvements, we also improved our LAN performance.  Overall we are able to move data at an effective speed of multiple Gb/s.



Resilio Connect is built on our unique distributed technology to distribute the load from the central server to the endpoints resulting in dramatically higher effective transfer speeds and more resilient and fault-tolerant solutions than available with standard client-server systems. It also reduces the data center load, allowing your organization to scale into the future.

If you have a problem getting large files to or from many endpoints, give Resilio Connect a try and unlock the idle power in your network today.