Introducing Resilio

In today’s modern enterprise, the files that power business are getting larger, the frequency of updates and patches are higher than ever before, and the number of endpoints and “things” on the network continue to grow exponentially.  All of this is driven by an ever increasing appetite and need to share larger, more complex information faster than ever before.

This astronomical expansion of data is one of the natural side effects of the digital age. As is the equally hard truth that as these demands grow, the network and data centers that form the backbone of business’ infrastructure will crumble under the pressure.

When this not too distant scenario hits in full force, solutions that used to work – if only just – no longer will, grinding to a halt as they struggle with data files that are getting bigger and more cumbersome by the day.


An unreliable and failure prone set of systems being the obvious outcome, along with many sleepless nights for IT administrators tasked with the seemingly impossible.

At Resilio, we believe the time has come for a different way of thinking in the Enterprise.  The protocols and architectures that brought us to this point are no longer capable of effectively transporting the heavy data loads required of them and can no longer reliably scale into the future.

In short, we need a more resilient system. Something that can stand up to the demands of modern IT while efficiently utilizing the resources enterprises already have. We need a solution that can scale into the future.

In early 2016, Resilio Inc. was spun out of BitTorrent Inc., the recognized leader in moving large data over the Internet, to address this issue. Resilio has taken BitTorrent technology and hardened it for the modern enterprise; adding the centralized management and control businesses require. For a broad array of enterprise applications, and with a simple to deploy solution, Resilio empowers IT administrators with these unique technologies to handle the ever expanding demands of the job reliably and fast.

The Internet was designed to be ‘best effort’.

Business success depends on being better than that.

If enterprises want to unleash the latent power of many endpoints, improve the utilization of their IT investments and make the job of moving big data manageable, think Resilio.