Sync Hacks: The Design Agency That Eats Pixels for Breakfast

Sync Hacks is a column dedicated to exploring new applications for BitTorrent Sync, as built by users like you.

In this week’s edition: Norway-based design agency Sommerseth Design talks about how they use Sync to easily share and manage large files between teams scattered throughout Norway, Poland and Italy.

From the team:

Sommerseth Design is a multidisciplinary design agency based in Norway. We do everything from visual identity design to web and 3D visualization. Our slogan is: “we eat pixels for breakfast!”

We decided early on that the people we collaborate with should not be restricted to the country that they reside in. To achieve this, we made it so that we’re able to tailor – through good art direction – solutions that work in Norway, even if elements have been delivered from Poland or Italy. After a while, the people we work with start to learn the direction and style we want applied.

Sommerseth Design has tried most of the major cloud sharing services out there: Dropbox, Sugarsync, Spideroak, Google Drive… to name a few. After a while, the varied terms of service and the fact that these services are quite expensive (given the amount of data we need to keep in sync) made us nervous. On top of that, we felt like the data we produce should be ours to own. Our generation of creatives grew up watching movies such as Terminator and Skynet is not a future we would like to be a part of.

So, we started looking into alternatives. Our first try was the open-source project “OwnCloud”. But, instability and a cumbersome interface made this solution very hard to maintain. After all, we are creative people, not engineers. Then BitTorrent Sync emerged as a solution that got our immediate attention.

Our Solution is Quite Simple

We have a fully specced Mac Mini running BitTorrent sync as the main “hub”. Attached to it, we have a USB raid system with 4 drives.

[wide]Sommerseth Design BitTorrent Sync[/wide]

If something should go wrong, every workstation has a copy of what is on the main “hub” – which means that backups and data are always safe. Setting up keys and shared folders with our creative team was easy. And to be able to say “our data belongs to us” felt really, really good.

Now, nearly 90% of our data has been moved from Dropbox to BitTorrent Sync. Only shared folders with users still using Dropbox are being stored there.

As you can see from this screenshot, the amount of files being handled by BitTorrent Sync is quite a lot. And, it is growing every day.

[wide]Sommerseth Design BitTorrent Sync[/wide]

Working with large Photoshop files (such as Neptune Software, an enterprise software solution) between our design team in Norway and developers in Poland was a breeze when using BitTorrent to sync the .psd files.

Here’s a shot of large Photoshop file with “gazillions” of layers ready to be sent to Poland from Norway using BitTorrent Sync.

[wide]Sommerseth Design BitTorrent Sync[/wide]

Thanks to high speed internet connections, the files are received quickly and in sync with all our units and ready ready for our developers to do the finishing touches.

[wide]Sommerseth Design BitTorrent Sync[/wide]

The Neptune Software website also received a CSS Design Award Nomination, which are bestowed to websites that demonstrate high levels of creativity, originality and overall design competence.

We are excited to see where BitTorrent Sync is heading and can’t wait to be part of the future of file-syncing.

If you’d like to reach the Sommerseth Design team, you can find them here. And If you’ve got an epic Sync idea, use-case or how-to, shoot us an email at sync[at]